Summer 2019

Arbutus Gallery
A collection of photographs by Photography 2270 Students


Fine Arts Gallery
Art/Science a collaboration FINA and Chemistry Students

Graduation Exhibition 2019 Arbutus Gallery, Fine Arts Gallery and at the Atrium Gallery

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4th Year Instructor Elizabeth Barnes with Graduating Students Shandis Harrison, Eva Yang, Ryan Broderick, and Angela Wells

4th Year Instructor Elizabeth Barnes with Graduating Students Shandis Harrison, Eva Yang, Ryan Broderick, and Angela Wells

Spruce Building Art gallery

3rd Year Advanced Studio and Seminar. | March 2019

Spruce Atrium Gallery. Advanced Print Media | March 2019

3rd Year Advance Studio and Seminar | Feb 2019


FINA 3110: Curatorial Studies student programmed events, three exciting art events :
Skewing the Familiar –Art Film/Video Screening: A selection of artist-made videos that use cinematic conventions, found footage, and sometime riotous imagery to take us someplace unexpected. 5:00pm-7:00pm, Fir 128
Inevitable Cessation –Art Exhibition: a juried art exhibition based on the concept of mortality. 7:00pm-9:00pm, Spruce Art Gallery (Spruce 140)
Illuminating Spaces is a pop-up exhibition exploring the transition of a fraught relationship between public and private space. Using reflective qualities to provide insight of how intimate the public space can become through human/social interaction (or lack of), and through the changes in self-awareness and perspectives. Featured student works will include photography, painting, and multimedia works. Spruce Gallery Hallway

Launched a year ago in the fall of 2017, FOTOFILMIC//SOLO is a unique mentoring program designed for emerging & mid-career photographers working on film & other analogue media. Each artist presented here received a 2-month solo exhibition this past year & met with their respective juror(s) on Bowen island as guests to their weekend master workshop. The program encourages in-person networking and aims at fostering intergenerational dialogues on contemporary issues reshaping material photographic practices in the digital age.

Sept 2018
Arbutus Gallery pulp Artwork by Fine Arts Students - Organized by Pulp | the KPU student publication
Fine Arts Gallery Welcome Works by 3rd year students

BFA Graduate Exhibition 2018   
Congratulations to all our grads!


 Katie Belcher   "to go to/ to seek"   Feb 15 to March 15  2018      http://katiebelcher.com

 Amy Huestis and Suzanne Dery   Rainbow walks with you     January 15 to February 5, 2018

Rainbow walks with you is an exhibition of selected artists' books, poems, and drawings that connect with both the library setting of the gallery and the local landscape. 

Please join the artist for a closing reception in the gallery on Thursday, February 1st, 12:30 - 1:30 pm.  


AREA 51   Arbutus Gallery | Dec 2017 to Jan 2018  
Kim Ateah, Eric Berg, Jude Campbell, Stephane Dufault, Alanna Edwards, Sara Ellen, Cameron Palfreyman, Gurleen Virk, Kenneth Yuen

Art/Mamas   Oct 2 to 27


Jennifer Tiles  UNTOUCHED  - Photographs of Iceland 

The Space Between  | Graduation Show  2017
April 7 to 12  2017  Surrey Campus  - MAIN Building - ArbutusGallery and Fine Arts Gallery

The Artists
Durrah Alsaif - www.durrahalsaif.com
Leah Barter
Alan Canning
Amy Duval
Keith Harris
Kate Akshentseva
Nicole Kwit - www.nkwitart.ca
Hailey Logan - www.haileyclogan.com
Angelle Wu

Richard ColePortraits   Jan 17 to Feb 14     Artist's Site  



The Collective Unconscious   |   4th year Open Studio


Fine Arts Gallery - Fir Building
Earthworks   Third Year Exhibition

Reception Fri Oct28 12:30-1pm  Artists in attendance

Elaine Samwald | Palimpsest
Arbutus Gallery - October 2016

Susanna Blunt | Selected Works   Arbutus Gallery   
Sept 5 to Oct 7,  2016  |  Reception Sept 29 12-1PM  Artist in attendance
 Artist Web Site

Exhibition by our KPU fine Arts Students Held in the Newton Area in Surrey,
the perfect way to launch the Fall 2016 semester

Private Inquiries |  Aug 30 to Sept 16 2016  
 Pop Up Newton Gallery   108- 137 St. Surrey BC

DisJointed Narratives  2016 Graduating Show


The Canadian Culinary Imaginations Symposium is a two-day interdisciplinary event at KPU Richmond Melville Centre for Dialogue with over 25 invited speakers, ranging from local and international academics, to artists, curators, and writers, who will explore how Canadian writers and/or visual artists use food to articulate larger historical and cultural contexts. Full schedule and list of participants can be found HERE

The symposium will coincide with the launch of the public art exhibition "Artful Fare: Conversations About Food" featuring the collaborative art projects of KPU Fine Arts and English students as they engage in creative-critical dialogues about Canadian poetry. We are pleased to feature our creative keynote speaker Vancouver Poet Laureate Rachel Rose presenting a talk on the topic of poems inspired by food. Our other featured speaker is internationally recognized Visual Artist Sylvia Grace Borda who will do a presentation on her art projects and their relationship to sustainable food systems and economies. Attendance is FREE for KPU Students and Faculty. 

Thinking Through Process
Work by Students in Ceramics and Sculpture

Telling Lies Again
Making Narrative Art
This exhibition is a selection of works produced in the Fine Arts course Telling Lies Again – Making Narrative Art that ran in the spring of 2015.  This is a third year painting course in which students explore various approaches to creating narrative imagery. Students examine the gap between text and visual imagery through the creation of work in both single-scene and serial formats. The exhibition continues in the Art Gallery in Fir 126 and in the Arbutus Gallery, Surrey Library Atrium.



97 Days Fine Arts Graduation Exhibiton April 2014

97 Days Fine Arts Graduation Exhibiton April 2014